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Get to know “el Duca” Guglielmo Bertarelli, by looking the pages “Opere/Gallery”. You will enjoy his unmistakable style: constant lines, clear and emotional in all phases of his creative life.

A story, which with the influence and natural power of an artist, accompanies him on national and international artistic stages and connects great talent with excellent technique.

Discover why once someone was moved and cried tears when looking at one of his sculptures……..


Guglielmo Bertarelli, known as “El Duca” is an Italian artist. He was born in 1945 in Cavràsto nelle Giudicarie, Trentino. His prolific artistic production, which began in the sixties, includes sculptures, carvings and paintings. He is well- known internationally he has won prizes and gained recognition for his originality and sublime technical expression. His fame is international: he has been praised and has won prizes for the originality and sublime expressional technique shown in his masterpieces on display in art galleries, buildings and open spaces. Some exemplary works can be seen in the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio. His exhibitions have been staged in important galleries in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, America, the Ukraine and Eastern Russia .

Guglielmo Bertarelli, known as El Duca, is a very versatile artist in many different art forms and expression; he has multiple talent and is able to communicate his ideas and interpretations in a subtle, refined and original way. He is very expressive and talented. In his sculptures he knows how to blend sharp edges into soft lines; he likes to communicate through the full and the empty; he shapes his plastic art creations which are home to his soul. His stroke is unique and easily recognised: it is his unmistakable mark. His works of art are a patrimony of historical, cultural and aesthetic importance .

His artistic production is mainly made up of sculptures of various types and size, paintings and models for street furniture. These can be seen on the website www.bertarelli-elduca.com

He signs his works “El Duca” which goes back to the centuries old patronymic used in the Trentino region, amongst others; it goes back to the Roman “gens” of the Romans; today , it is called a nicknam.


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